About us

How it started

EBWPR was founded in November 2013 by leading PR Emma Bracey-Wright. Emma left her director position at a well-known London PR agency to launch her own agency with her unique vision. EBWPR specialises in the health, beauty and wellbeing industries and has offices in London, New York and Los Angeles.

What we do

We offer services in public relations, marketing, brand consultancy, commercial partnerships and copy writing.

At the heart of our business is public relations and social media management. We build strategic, multi-faceted campaigns, create and activate big ideas, secure effective features and product placement, generate impressive celebrity and influencer support, host unforgettable events and seek, negotiate and manage commercial relationships – this is the core of our business.

We work with each client in a unique way - either on a retainer or project basis. Some clients require additional marketing and social media support, others need help with a total re-brand. EBWPR work with selected partners to deliver a whole host of brand development and brand management services. EBWPR can even help build your new brand and deliver sound business advice.

By working with traditional print media and digital media, we cover the whole media landscape and generate blanket coverage for our clients. Regular cross-fertilisation of activity means our clients benefit from the work that we do for others; we are much more effective than in-house resource.

Emma's bio

Having worked in the industry for many years, in 2013 Emma left her position as Group Account Director at a leading health & beauty PR agency where she was instrumental in the UK success of L’Oréal’s SkinCeuticals, taking it from a relatively niche brand to the globally recognised brand it is today, to set up EBWPR as a publicity director in her own right. She now has a hardworking team based in Kings Cross.

Known for taking unknown brands and making them sought-after, award-wining, celebrity favourites, Emma is regularly approached by both niche and industry leading brands eager to tap into her expertise. She is particularly well known for her work with cosmeceuticals and the aesthetic industry and is present at all of the industry shows, award ceremonies and events.

In addition to the aesthetic industry, Emma is wholly passionate about health and fitness. Having worked with yogis, acupuncturists, naturopathic doctors, nutritionists and many health & wellbeing clinics, Emma’s knowledge and experience spans Western and Eastern practices and she is able to straddle both camps with integrity and authority.

Why you will like us

We only work with brands and individuals who we feel passionate about, therefore if we work with you, we want to be part of your team.

We are dedicated to getting the best ROI for our clients and building very effective campaigns that we can be proud of.  We are a hard-working, intelligent and experienced team that is by no means ‘fluffy’.

We know our industries intimately and are constantly abreast of the latest news and developments. We have exceptionally good press relationships that have been fostered and nurtured throughout the years. Most of all, we get outstanding results. Don’t take our word for it, please read our client testimonials.

At the heart of EBWPR, we care deeply about the businesses we work with, as though they are our own.

How we can help

We love to meet new people and discuss new opportunities, so if you are looking for any help with your brand or project, do get in touch.

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