ALLÉL - know the skin you're in!

8th December 2017

Did you know that according to recent findings, as much as 60% of ageing is dependent on your genes? This stemmed the launch of ALLÉL, the first personalised skincare & supplements program developed in Sweden and made in Switzerland.

Over the course of three days, EBWPR set up for two best friends and founders of ALLÉL, Dr Anne Wetter and Dr Elisabet Hagert to meet with key beauty editors at the beautiful Charlotte Hotel to introduce them to the concept of DNA inspired skin and healthcare.

To create their personalised ALLÉL Genetic System, including skincare and supplements, the EBWPR team made sure to collect and send back to Sweden DNA swabs from all editors two weeks prior the launch, so their results were ready for the launch day.

By analysing both the DNA results and visual signs of ageing, ALLÉL experts matched journalists with the correct products, including a face serum, face cream and nutritional supplements as well as the GENIAL products, which are developed to complement the Skin Genetic System Series.

After a vibrant discussion with the ALLÉL team on their innovative, ground breaking approach to anti-ageing skincare over healthy drinks and snacks, journalists were intrigued and impressed by the concept.

On departing, each guest was given a goody bag containing their DNA results, product prescription and 3-month skincare and supplement programme.