Brightening up February with the MZ SKIN BRIGHTEN & PERFECT Launch

February 8th, 2017

We couldn’t wait to get our teeth stuck into another MZ SKIN press event after the glamorous launch dinner back in September – and April 2017’s upcoming launch of the MZ SKIN BRIGHTEN & PERFECT 10% Vitamin C Corrective Serum provided us with ample opportunity to immerse journalists in the brand once again. We planned a pigmentation themed event to highlight the targeted nature of the new product and Dr Maryam Zamani’s expertise in this field.

Welcoming journalists at 9am to Maryam’s house in Chelsea, we lead them upstairs to join a light entrée breakfast with Dr Maryam Zamani in her seating room, offering them tea and coffee in their own travel coffee cups, personalised with their name and the signature MZ SKIN flower. They then were invited to mingle and sit down to enjoy light pastries, yoghurts and juices.

Once everyone had arrived, Dr Maryam Zamani introduced the MZ SKIN range, its hero products and the new MZ SKIN BRIGHTEN & PERFECT 10% Vitamin C Corrective Serum while journalists were invited to pass around the products and experience their luxurious textures first-hand. Then, a live Q&A began between Dr Maryam Zamani and leading trade journalist Vicky Eldridge. We were thrilled to hear so many journalists asking really interesting and thoughtful questions!

Then, we joined the journalists downstairs in the dining room where they were greeted by an exquisite dining table set-up in summery hues of yellow and pink, with each name setting featuring an illustration of the new product and a pink and yellow visor – which we all enjoyed trying on! Breakfast was then served by a NOPI chef and we ate delicious polenta cakes, smoked salmon and a green shakshuka.

Once the journalists were well fed, they left with the new product, their visor, their personalised cup and a beautiful bouquet of tulips.

Spring really did start early for us all, which helps us to get excited about this special launch in April.