Dr Maryam Zamani introduces new Triple Boost HydraBright Treatment at the Cadogan Clinic

20th April 2016

We joined oculoplastic surgeon and aesthetic doctor Dr Maryam Zamani for an evening at the Cadogan Clinic to promote her new Triple Boost HydraBright Treatment. Launching this month, the treatment rejuvenates the delicate eye area, leaving it looking fresh and rested, with a reduction in under eye bags, dark circles and fine lines and belongs to the new generation of aesthetic treatments that harness the natural restorative powers of the body.

The Triple Boost HydraBright treatment combines volume and hydration using hyaluronic acid with collagen, boosting PRP and advanced nourishing ingredients in Mesotherapy. This combination of treatments works synergistically for more dramatic results, and the treatment can be intensified with; a rejuvenating facial peel, healing LED or the iPixel laser treatment, to even pigmentation and decrease more prominent lines and wrinkles.

Beginning with a presentation to outline the new treatment, Dr Zamani then took the ‘before and after photo’ to the next level by demonstrating the filler and PRP elements of the treatment live on a model for clients so they could witness first hand the outcome of the process.

Everyone had a fascinating time hearing all about it and witnessing the procedure first hand which resulted in a fully booked schedule for Dr Zamani!